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Hello and welcome!  I am a psychic intuitive  Tarot reader. I have been in professional service since 1982, reading for generations of Winnipeg people and online for others far away. My work is a unique blend of psychic ability, intuitive perception and extensive experience with Tarot. 

Readings are by appointment in-person or online (via Zoom) through my  private reading studio on the second floor at 165 Stafford St. (at Grosvenor Ave.) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

For more information about how appointments are structured, please visit the “Services” page of this site.

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to hearing from you!

life journey

Let me share a little of my life path with you. I want to tell you a bit about myself and what led me to my work and continues to guide me through life’s changes.

From a very early age, I have been full of questions. I was born into a large and extended family that, although quite diverse, all share good common values. As children, my brothers and I were encouraged to learn, question, and respect differing viewpoints. This is reflected in the diversity of people that come to my table for readings. If you have an open mind, along with questions, you’re welcome here. It was at our kitchen table that I first remember my mother and aunts reading tea leaves.  I loved their interest in folk wisdom and different kinds of readings. They were mindful of taking their perceptions (some quite strong and accurate) “with a grain of salt.” My father would be off in the corner of the room, reading his paper, gently teasing, saying, “yes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

Like all highly intuitive children, I have always had a sense of spirit and the energy (what some would call “magic”) in nature and around people. This sometimes came as a warning, or at other times I’d feel the history and energy in environments. I was becoming more aware of being on a journey. Some would call it “finding ourselves,” others call it “discovery”  or “the leadings of enlightenment,” and for many that are coming out of brokenness “recovery.” It has at different times been all of these things for me.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find information about psychic development – just like how you found me here!  However, my journey began long before the internet. Back then I had to hunt through libraries, rare bookstores (which I continue to love to do) and seek out the experience of others.

Most readers I’ve been privileged to know ( both before I took up the work professionally and even long after) were quite helpful.  My mother liked to see a well-known reader named Madame Helen “Red” Davis, who took the time to give me some good advice about my abilities as well as the profession. This is why I see my fellow readers more as colleagues than competitors. We have a good community of readers here in Winnipeg that are generally cooperative and mutually supportive. I have also been fortunate to have friends that don’t just see me as a reader. All of us have to go through learning experiences, intuitive or not. This is also why I pay the help I received forward. I consider it an honour to help others on their journey.

When I first began intentionally doing psychic readings, it was through what I later learned was called “psychometry.” I could hold on to a ring or an object belonging to a person, and I would go into a state of “knowing.” Sometimes this was their history, or what they were going through, or signals of things to come. After a while, it became less necessary to be touching the object. It became more about focusing on the person.

I’ve worked with many other reading modalities over the years. Tea reading was popular when I began reading in restaurants, and I enjoyed that aspect. I knew from my mother and my aunts that the tools were a vehicle, a focal point, and I took to them quite naturally. From the moment I first picked up the Tarot though, there was, again that “knowing.” Tarot can be an unending lesson as the archetypes dance and express themselves in different ways. It’s not (for me anyway) merely memorizing card meanings, but rather a system that helps translate what I receive intuitively. As it has come into much broader use in the last twenty years, many people I read for study and work with Tarot. It’s such a joy to continue to learn and discover together.

 As I progressed, it became clear that the work required a commitment to the higher good of those I was reading for. This was a “drawing nearer” to my own sense of the Greater Spirit that we all are connected to. My work has always been about helping people connect to that. 

I also learned that reading, although sometimes fun, was not something to play with lightly. That it had to be in the right context. The times that I didn’t listen to this usually came with a price tag.

A reader should also have a sense of critical thinking. In other words I have to question what is coming through and not get distracted by projections (or wishful thinking). Sometimes the message in a reading tells us to “wake up and smell the coffee.”  This is why I always present my work as “food for thought.” It is meant to help a person’s own perception and discernment, never to impose on that.

These experiences are part of what continues to form the ethics in my work. They are things that most of us have had to learn in the doing.

Sometimes we all need guidance or just the knowledge that we are not alone in our experience. The spark of discovery/recovery can come in many ways. There is a saying; “what you are looking for…you are looking with.” I believe the spark that ignites curiosity is in all of us. When we listen to it, it also can create compassion. 

This is what led to this being my life work and continues to speak to me in so many ways. Perhaps in your own curiosity and seeking it is part of what led you here.

And so….the journey continues.

history timeline

Many readers have various forms of experience, maybe reading privately or through structured or independent study. This is all to be respected, but it’s also fair to ask what sort of experience as reading as an interest and reading as a profession can be very different. One is not necessarily better than the other. I know some great readers with minimal professional experience, and the professionals all had to start somewhere!

Although I had some reading experience and learning before reading professionally, it is not what I include in citing professional experience. Before my working at it, reading was an interest, and in one way or another, it was part of me as far back as I can remember, and it’s that way for most readers I know. When I state: “since 1982,” it is  because that is when I began this as my full time, main livelihood. Someone recently asked me where I previously read professionally, here goes as best I can recollect:

· Feb. 1982 to June 1986 -The Chocolate Shop restaurant 268 Portage Avenue. I initially worked for descendants of the same family that had this place going back to 1918. Madam Red (Winnipeg’s most famous reader) and many other fascinating readers, people and characters had their start there. It was a location that was famous for readings and still remembered fondly by many Winnipeg people. The first 3 years there was a joy. I had to begin as a fledgling and work my way up (and did), but the last year (1986) was under new ownership and frankly just wasn’t the same. You can buy the name of a business, but you can’t buy its experience or spirit. It changed hands a few times since then, went through highs and lows and at times had some other good readers but is now long gone.

· 1986 to 1995 – The Eastside Exchange Bar and Grill 177 Lombard Ave at Rorie St.. (behind the Richardson Building), was an upscale establishment. I was the full-time primary reader there from when it initially opened and on for 9 years. This truly allowed me to develop my approach and establish a uniquely diverse client base. I had the privilege of working with some fine people and fellow readers that I have fond memories of. However, my clients had been asking for a more private appointment based structure, so it was after 9 years, time to evolve and change.

· 1995 to 2012 – I worked independently through co-operative shared space at Blackletter Books at 1170 Main St. in a private reading room. The 17 years I spent in this North End location was rewarding. Working with Jan (the bookstore owner) was also a great experience. I am grateful for his support and the time there.

· June 2012 to March 2015 – I continued my independent work through co-operative shared space at Elemental Book and Curiosity Shop 355 Langside St. in the vibrantly growing West End. I enjoyed working alongside another business, and Dominique is a good friend. I appreciate her support. This was a unique opportunity for me to further learn and share. *NOTE: Elemental has also since moved. Dominique and her unique resources are now Elemental Witchery and Conjure Boutique and are currently located at 220 Henderson Highway.

· March 2015 to present – I am delighted to now be working by appointment through my own Reading Studio at 216-165 Stafford St. at Grosvenor. In all this time, I haven’t taken much time off, and although I have had some other side jobs along the way, reading is still my chief work, passion, and joy. I’ve seen a lot come and go through all this time: the industry changes, ebbs and flows. I’m looking forward to further adventures, learning and sharing. Stay tuned for further evolution!

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This number does not receive texts, but voicemails reach me quickly!

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Please note: My number does not receive texts. Booking requires some discussion to find a time that’s right for you and to ensure I am the kind of reader you are looking for.

165 Stafford St #216,
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