“Attraction and Distraction”

These are two of the most enigmatic cards in the entire tarot deck and when seen together, there is a purposeful similarity between the two. You could almost take them as a photograph and a negative.

There are some fascinating discussions that have already gone on in other areas (check out Aeclectic Tarot’s discussion board for instance) about the parallels.

There are many interpretations of these cards and, depending on how they come up they can mean a great many different things. When seen together there is important insight in their reflective similarity and their polarity to one another.

In much of my work I see these two symbols as the motivations in human relationships. The Lovers being the transformational side of love that “lifts us up where we belong”, and the Devil being the obsessional, fear based side. More simply put, I often refer to them together as “attraction and distraction”.

A healthy relationship (not just romantically but on so many levels) helps us discover there is so much more to ourselves and we want to share that. A fear based relationship is where we are desperately seeking in another and avoiding our selves at the same time. I notice a lot of people (and at times I’ve been in this state myself) that aren’t so much afraid of being alone but don’t want to be stuck with themselves. Seeking fulfilment in another while avoiding ourselves is a dangerous trap. We tend to focus on the most distracting person in the room and, chances are if they respond, they are in the same state themselves. This isn’t sharing, this is dangerous role-playing where our fears and insecurities are getting the best of us.

Learning the difference between these motivations is part of everyone’s life journey and it doesn’t just manifest romantically. We can choose situations where there is a motivation of growth or a motivation of fear. Sometimes when the devil card comes up in a reading it is time for these things to be faced and confronted. To see where fear has been manipulating us and to release that. Although it is not a pretty card, it is a necessary symbol of what has not been good for us being brought to light. We can be free of it and this is often a first step. I liken it a lot to discovering our allergies.

There is a card that stands between these two that is part of that sorting out:Temperance is where we slow down and look at what is behind our instinctive drives and see where they have gone off-course. Some say that all instinct has a divine source but we often get misdirected in it’s fulfillment. If the devil card is about temptation ruled by fear, temperance is the ability to see the healthy side of instinct and to move it towards the liberating quality of the Lovers.

The poet Dante in his “Divine Comedy”, wrote of a gaurdian angel (Virgil) that watches over him as he seeks through hell, purgatory and finally paradise. I believe this is the higher awareness that is working with us as me move through our fears toward freedom.

Knight Of Wands (Reversed)

Sometimes it helps to make an association when describing a court card. I will often use analogies to famous people or stories in giving a description of someone in a reading. I should mention too, that I don’t always necessarily pay attention to physical reversals of a card. In other words it’s not necessarily that the card itself is reversed, it’s more whether the energy of it feels “stuck” or muted.

When a Knight is reversed energetically it’s like the quest has become misdirected, the person is forever seeking and not allowing for real fulfillment, or in some instances the struggle of the reversal is an indication of a strength not yet mastered (particularly with those younger). Either way there is a lesson in getting unstuck. In some instances it may be a conscious or unconscious resistance to the learning. A person continually questing for answers, but resisting them when offered would also fit with this.

I often find that the reversal or stuck aspect of an element is where a genuine ability or strength has come to be misused. For cups it is like the helping aspect has gotten out of hand and become smothering or, in a sort of self delusion, the sort of giving to get mode. Pentacles reversed would be strategic thinking turned into manipulation or a distortion of values. Reversals are like the gift turned into addiction and are part of what we have to work through.

The Knight of Wands in this reversed mode is a lot like the Eagle’s song “Desperado” – “out ridin‘ fences for so long now“. There are card references (curiously enough) in the song too; “Don’t you draw the queen of diamonds (pentacles) boy, she’ll beat you if she’s able, the queen of hearts (cups) is always your best bet. It seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table, but you only want the things that you can’t get“.
Here’s a link to the song on youtube with the lyrics:

If you’ve seen the movie, “The Wrestler” with Mickey Rourke, it’s a classic expression of what happens when the Knight’s pursuit of challenge has gone on in one mode too long, to the exclusion of all else.

One of my favorite Tarot decks

This is a sample of the Aquarian tarot by David Palladini. It is actually the first style of deck I ever worked with. It has an art deco feel to it and interestingly it has more of a “pull” than a deck the same artist released afew decades later (the Palladini tarot). It is based very closely on the Waite Smith deck of course which is what I use 99% of the time in my professional work, but I love the artwork on these. The Priestess card is perhaps one of the most beautiful images and interestingly he has chosen to “lift the veil” behind her. The butterfly on the flower seems to suggest that inner wisdom and transformation come in quiet contemplation, lovely.
I’ll include a link to a review of this deck on Aeclectic tarot:
A great site by the way if you are looking for information on decks. One thing I find annoying about how tarot cards are often sold is that there is usually no way of knowing what all of the cards look like as they are sold in a sealed box. This site lets you peruse some images and the reviews are great.

Why I Usually Work With The Rider Waite

Most of the time, I use a Rider Waite Tarot deck (yes it should be called the Smith deck, but that’s another post). Partly because it is the most common deck and the deck that has had more artists base their interpretations on than any other. This allows for a very important level of congruence. In other words if you work with a Rider deck its easier to understand a variety of other decks.

Is the Rider deck “best”? I know of a great many readers who find it flimsy, stale or not their cup of tea. Its like (very much like) comparing apples to oranges or better yet a Mac to a PC. PCs are probably not the better system – BUT they went into greater use. Same as Beta to VHS.

I use a Rider because it is fluent to the needs of what I have to work with, it illustrates well. I believe the artist, Pamela Coleman Smith, was a gifted illustrator. Although the Rider is not as artistically pleasing as say the Arthurian Tarot, doing a reading for Jane Q. Public with the Arthurian Tarot would be like (again this is JUST me) reading the weather in Arthurian English;
“thy skies will be cloudy, but verily there is a wilde storm front…zounds!”

I generally recommend the Rider, not because it is “the best”, but because it is an operating system that will allow a person to move into other decks or operating systems most congruently. I wouldn’t recommend learning English for international use from someone who spoke largely in Cockney slang.

Experience and background

Many readers have various forms of experience, maybe reading privately or through structured or independent study. This is all to be respected but it’s also fair to ask what sort of experience that is as reading as an interest and reading professionally can be very different. One is not necessarily better than the other. I know some great readers with very little professional experience and the professionals all had to start somewhere!

For myself, although I had some reading experience and learning prior to my reading professionally it is not what I include in citing professional experience. Prior to my working at it, reading was an interest and in one way or another it was part of me as far back as I can remember and it’s that way for most readers I know. When I state: “since 1982” it is since I began this as my full time, main livelihood. Someone asked me where I have read professionally the other day, here goes as best I can recollect:

  •  Feb. 1982 to June 1986 -The Chocolate Shop restaurant. I initially worked for descendants of the same family that had this place going back to 1918. Madam Red (Winnipeg’s most famous reader) and many other fascinating readers, people and characters had their start there. It was a location famous for readings and still remembered fondly by many Winnipeg people. The first 3 years there were a joy, I had to begin as a fledgling and work my way up (and did) but the last year (1986) was under a new ownership and frankly just wasn’t the same. You can buy the name of a business but you cant buy it’s experience or spirit. it changed hands a few times since then, went through highs and lows and at times had some other good  readers but is now long gone.
  •  1986 to 1995 – The Eastside Exchange Bar and Grill 177 Lombard (behind the Richardson Building), this was an upscale establishment and I was the main full time reader there from when it initially opened and on for 9 years. This truly gave me the opportunity to develop my approach, establish a uniquely diverse client base and I had the privilege of working with some fine people and fellow readers that I have many fond memories of. However my clients had been asking for some time for a more private appointment based structure so it was after 9 years, time to evolve and change.
  •  1995 to 2012 I worked independently through co-operative shared space at Blackletter Books in a private reading room. The 17 years I spent in this North End location were very rewarding. Working with Jan (the bookstore owner) was also a great experience, I am grateful for his support and the time there.
  •  June 2012 to March 2015 I continued my independent work through co-operative shared space at Elemental Book and Curiosity Shop in the vibrantly growing West End. I enjoyed working alongside another business and Dominique is a good friend. I appreciate her support and so much of her knowledge, business and work has been an opportunity for me to further learn and share. *NOTE: Elemental has also since moved, Dominique and her amazing resources are now Elemental Witchery and Conjure Boutique and are now located at 220 Henderson Highway.
  • March 2015 to present,  I am delighted to now be  working by appointment through my own Reading Studio at 216-165 Stafford St. at Grosvenor. Check out the section Readings to book a session.

In all this time I haven’t taken much time off and although I have had some other side jobs along the way, reading is still my chief work, my passion and my joy. I’ve seen a lot come and go through all this time. The industry changes, ebbs and flows. I’m looking forward to further adventures, further learning and sharing. Stay tuned for further evolution!

The Difference Between Intuitive Reading And Fortune Telling

I am sometimes asked “do you say bad things in a reading”? Sometimes I have to talk about difficult things like loss or hardship so in that sense, yes. Some people are under the assumption that readers have restrictions. Although many of the readers that I know (myself included) do have ethical boundaries, not all do. There are no enforced guidelines for readers as far as I know.

In my practice though there is a standard that I follow, what I receive is always information that can be used constructively. I don’t leave people in worse shape than I found them. At the same time I might not always say what a person wants to hear. Sometimes people say “you never said anything about trips”. To which I sometimes have to say that didn’t seem to be an issue, I then ask “why are you planning one”? and often the answer is no.

I remember when I was beginning my career and working in an establishment where there were other readers it was suggested that we follow a certain format of what people wanted to hear, trips, romance, lucky numbers etc. I asked “but what if that is not the reality of things”, and got a blank stare.

So now if asked about something like that, I try to respond to what is blocking the person, maybe they look after others so much there is never time for a trip. Maybe they need to set up a savings account for travel, maybe they need to go on a trip whether or not a stick in the mud in their life wants them to stay home or not.

This comes back to a basic difference between fortune telling and reading. Fortune telling is usually about things that may (or may not) happen in the future, usually with little grounding in the here and now. The “you will meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger who will take you to an island etc.”. A reading is usually based more in the here and now and talks about the probable outcome of things that we are consciously and unconsciously setting in motion. A reading would approach the issue with something more like; “there seems to be an imbalance, you’re working a great deal and have been operating in the same circles, maybe you need to expand your horizons”. The reading could point to something such as an opportunity in the year ahead to re-connect with people and sometimes more specifically like;  “in the west, I’m getting associations this side of mountains, not a big city, more like Lethbridge, two homes close together, one a very new household that someone will be proud to show you”, and further  “this trip could be an opportunity to re-connect not only with people but also with a part of your life that hasn’t been explored in a long time”. So the issue isn’t JUST the trip but what it indicates constructively that the person can actually work with. Readings and Tarot, as far as I work with them are not just circumstantial weather reports but tie in more to how we are evolving.

Fortune telling in it’s healthiest aspect is entertaining and escapist, there are some who approach it that way and that’s fine. A reading can also be approached in an entertaining lighter way. Sometimes people are just coming from a place of curiosity, food for thought or diversion. I’m fine with that too.

Different tools also work well with different types of intuitive work. I’ve experienced profound as well as entertaining things from tea reading (which, when done well, is a beautiful art). Tarot can be utilised in many different ways too. Generally when I have had to do shorter readings, such as in restaurants, fairs or still occasionally for charity drives. I work in that lighter way. I sometimes use humor in how the information is conveyed. Above all a reading should be INTERESTING. It is a personal service where the client is the focal point. the type of work I do is relevant to the person being read.

In that same vein, questions about other people are somewhat limited. I cannot, for instance, pick up on what your ex from 4 years ago, that you haven’t heard from, thinks of you. I can, however, help with what you might be needing to resolve. A reading could say; “you seem to have some resolution going on with someone who factored in your life from a chapter of about 4 years ago. There’s an opportunity to see differing values and to see what you have outgrown”.

Tarot is also subjective, what could be a knight of cups to one person might be an entirely different aspect to another. A reading can warn about difficulties like abuse, issues around addiction or other pitfalls. It cannot diagnose or judge. I am not about to say something is good or bad in itself but I can say this doesn’t seem to be a healthy situation.

One of the premises of Tarot is the “law of attraction”. This works along with the idea that there is a connection running through our life experiences. Attraction is not the same as retribution. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship. We can look though at our issues of self worth where we seem to be attracting negativity. This is also a major difference between fortune telling which places an emphasis on luck or curses and reading which (hopefully) will talk instead about what is in our power to change.

in the sense of discussing difficult things, I also have to be diplomatic in addressing the client’s issues. A person having difficulty with work, for instance. Might be carrying a lack of respect for a boss they feel is incompetent or there may be a serious lack of admiration to their colleagues. Sometimes the answer is looking for another opportunity in that work environment, changing fields OR it may be that they have to make a change in their attitude. Working intuitively as well as with the cards often helps a good reader to point out what is in our realm to change and what isn’t.

Sadly I sometimes encounter people who don’t want to look at their stuff. Over the years I have encountered numerous parents who think an in law has done some form of voodoo that their married adult kids don’t want to talk to them rather than look at their own state and demeanor in dealing with others. People like that will go for readings, making the rounds regularly, spend inordinate amounts of money until they hear what they want to hear somewhere.I try in a situation like that to steer the person to things that can ease the relationship. Are they doing things to be happy even if they have this difficult person in their life? Can they enjoy the positive aspects like other people in the environment? Often in this particular situation there are different cultural values that have to be met halfway and given a little credit when others try. Sometimes a reading can also help us identify what is NOT our stuff. Sometimes, like in the previous example, the other person IS in the wrong, so how do we behave in these circumstances? I know of one such person who got involved with others in the same boat, became supportive of them and found their life somewhat happier through the compassion that came from that. After a while, by not dwelling on the difficult person they found their overall relationship with family improved, because they had changed their relationship with themselves.

In the end a reading gives us some alternatives and choices, as well as some feedback, maybe a different outlook on our circumstances as well as insight to how we are evolving. One of the reasons I love my job is when people come back happier, not just because of luck or good weather, but because they have grown.

Relevant Elements

Fire, Water, Air, Earth

From the time we all started walking upright (both as a species and as individuals) four things were necessary to our survival and also have had to be respected as powerful and in some instances, potentially dangerous. They are four tools that we have to work with; earth, water, fire and air. They are found in the root symbolism of most cultures the world over and are at the basis of many forms of spirituality, astrology, Tarot and countless other systems of thought. I think it may have been significant that these elements were things that were not just life sustaining but also four ways we literally dissolve. When a person dies you can either stick the body in the ground, burn it up, throw it in the ocean or put it on a burial platform in the air. Maybe this is part of why these symbolic elements have been important to people for so long.

OK, you’re probably getting a little impatient and are asking “fine and dandy, what does this have to do with ME”? I have to work with an understanding of these elements in their relevance to people in the here and now. There’s the conscious level on which the person being read is seeking and there are sometimes the signals trying to get through on another level. A person might want “their fortune told” which is fair, but a pretty superficial kind of reading and I’d like to think I’m able to provide a lot more than that. It would be like looking at the elements just as love life, work life, money and battles. But on a more proactive level those same categories are the responsibilities we have in Compassion, Constructiveness, Values and Boundaries. I boil them down most simply as our prime functions of feeling, doing, owning, and fighting. We evolve when we work with them consciously.

The Elements In Our Lives

Here’s another way of looking at the elements: Let’s imagine we are going to a party in a big house with lots of people that drift around and generally congregate into groups.

Usually the “feelers” are in the kitchen around the food and the sink or by the bathroom door, talking about what’s going on emotionally. Feelers do and own and fight but they are predominant in feeling, nurture and compassion. They tie into the element of water and in Tarot that’s the suit of cups.

The doers are generally active, playing ping pong or talking about their doing. Their work for instance, or the deck they built. They tend to be more competitive. They also feel and fight and own but they identify with doing. Their element is fire and in Tarot that is the suit of wands.

Owners are not necessarily materialistic but I picture them in the library. They look at many sides of a situation. Tending to weigh options in line with their values and their resources. “What is the issue worth to me?” they ask. They look at things in relation to their values. Their accumulated experience and the experience of others. They “own up” to things. They too experience the other elements but predominate with earth energy, symbolized as pentacles.

The fighters are sometimes having a debate or at the very least a discussion about things. they tend to use exclamation points a fair bit. They communicate succinctly and make their point. they watch how others react. Sometimes they need to “clear the air” and they are the air element and their suit is swords.

All Four One And One Four All

We experience all of these areas, some of us are more at home in some than in others and we go through periods of our lives that may have a really predominant element to them. Most often though it is a mixture. They flow into one another, sometimes comfortably and sometimes not so.Too much of an element can be damaging.

Sometimes the purpose of a reading is like lifting the hood on an engine and seeing how these things are interacting, or like a personal trainer looking at your workout plan.It can help us see where we are over relying on an element and give us choices as to how to work through things differently. Most of us have blind spots in our energetic awareness, consequently sometimes we are using the wrong tool on a job.

Understanding the elements in our lives and within ourselves is a big part of Tarot work.

What Does This Card Mean?

I am not a Tarot authority and I’ve never claimed to be. Just because a person has been speaking a language for most of their life doesn’t make them a linguistic expert. There are courses in Tarot and levels of certification that exist today (some I hear that are very good) that were not available when I began as a reader back in ’82. I learned, and continue to learn in the doing. I found authors who I could relate to and people I could share with and I continue to seek. What I share here is just my own perspective that continues to evolve.

I began reading without Tarot. I was always able to “pick up” things with people. But I found it is a vehicle that works best for me and is most comfortable for those I read for. I am able to ground what I get intuitively with what I see in the cards and they allow me to have an illustrative tool that the person I am reading for can see. They also allow me to organize thoughts and see relevant patterns in the different aspects I am receiving.

People often ask “what does this card mean”, as if the answer were as simple as looking a word up in a dictionary (ha ha ha!). Which dictionary? Websters? The dime store one? Maybe that great font of misinformation – the Internet? Or even a good standard, responsible dictionary like the one you have on a shelf that you’ve been using for a gazillion years, surely that would give a definitive answer wouldn’t it? In an absolute sense…no. Dictionaries get updated every so often and you’ll notice that beside a word there are the numbered interpretations of that word. Your good old dictionary MIGHT be out of date!

I just found a good illustrative article about the etymology (evolution) of words:

Studying Tarot’s history is a fascinating undertaking. Over time people have added associations to it and some aspects have been dropped. There have come to be recognised some inherent rules to Tarot and it’s structure that have been hammered out in long successions of scholars. Some deck creators choose to follow these and some (frustratingly) don’t.

Tarot is a little like Windows for computers, it’s not a perfect system but it is largely out of the winnowing out process that it has changed and will no doubt change again (i.e. In many early Tarot and playing card decks the four suits were relevant to the four classes of society -military, merchant, nobility etc. – as society changed these associations changed too).

The more you work with any symbolic system, the more you start to notice, or create certain patterns or associations. The more these associations work the more ingrained they become or they get discarded over time. The format that has evolved for me with Tarot is much like that. Like most readers, I have developed an approach that brings the possible interpretations into relevance to the people I read for. This has meant looking at the basic structure of the deck on a number of levels. There are connections I have made that work for me and that a lot of people have been able to relate to.

So back to the question…when I’m asked the meaning of a card, I have to answer from the perspective of what it means based on a number of factors;

  • What it means in relation to what I am receiving intuitively.
  • What it is saying in relation to the other symbols (i.e.card combinations, predominance of symbols and suits).
  • What I have found that card to mean relative to many such interpretations and through study of other’s interpretations.

I also usually have to stress that the interpretation of the card is the interpretation in the context of the reading. If you were to take all the meanings of a card like the Hierophant and talk about them you’d be running longer than the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon.

Or (*GRIN* ) you could refer to the teeny tiny book that comes with the cards when you remove the cellophane and take them out of the box.

My Practice/Standards In Psychic Intuitive Tarot Reading

Frank Morgan in the movie "The Wizard Of Oz"

The Picture at left of course is the wonderful Frank Morgan in “The Wizard Of Oz”. A humbug with a heart of gold. There are a lot of different kinds of readers out there and, like in any profession, there are good ones, bad ones and there are a lot of people who want to paint us all with the same brush. Through my own work (as well as sharing with colleagues and people I respect in various professions) I have come to establish my own guidelines in professional psychic intuitive Tarot reading.

These standards have evolved over the years, as well as my own professional boundaries and areas of specialization. I always point out that intuitive or psychic reading is very individual in it’s expression and practice and readers usually develop their own style (and reputation) over time.

My reading sessions are generally a half hour in length. I have done fairs and parties (and still do occasionally) and particularly when I read in restaurants the format was quite a bit shorter ( I sometimes had as many as 30 people waiting). When I established my independent practice on an appointment basis, I moved into a longer format and found that I was usually able to cover pertinent information and provide insight quite comfortably within the half hour, also allowing time near the end for the client to ask questions verbally.

With the exception of reading for friends (which is different), I like to go into a reading knowing very little about the person. I don’t like to be led by obvious cues or clues. At the same time part of what I do does involve paying attention to and being sensitive to the state the person is in, this has more to do with the delivery of information than to the information itself.

The reading room is a relaxing environment and can comfortably accommodate myself and up to 4 other people at a time. Many people prefer to come individually or in pairs as reading is, for the most part, an intimate experience. I allow people to bring in a friend and sometimes small groups like to sit in on one an other’s readings. I’m fine with that.

I will allow people to use a recording device of their choice, recordings are for personal/private use.

I begin by explaining how I would like the person to shuffle the deck – always holding the cards over the table and face down – (a lot of people don’t handle cards much these days). While shuffling I ask the person to reflect, silently of course, on any important issues they may have or to reflect as if a good friend asked them how they are doing. After shuffling I have them cut the cards and I begin to read.

The psychic intuitive Tarot reading itself can vary. Generally I am working with a combination of what I receive intuitively ( I get very strong impressions of both the external circumstances of the person as well as the lessons they are moving through internally) and also the interpretation of the cards themselves.
Sample picture of some of the Tarot cards in the Rider Waite TarotI work with either a Rider/Waite deck – as seen in this sample (click on it for a larger view), or a variant there-of. I like the Aquarian tarot as an alternative, but it’s usually the Rider. I have evolved my own version of the traditional Celtic Cross spread, which I will post about in the future. I tend to pay a lot of attention to card combinations and the predominance of symbols, numbers and elements. Usually there is a theme or lesson that is revealed running through the various areas of a person’s life (i.e. relationships, work, security and conflicts).

Toward the last part of the session I allow for questions to be asked verbally. I prefer this towards the end as questions are often rather leading and I should have established a connection before this point as to not be as biased.

I don’t recommend a person having readings too often, for most it is a yearly thing, or they may come around a specific issue then come for a follow up a few months after, but I NEVER encourage dependency on what I do. It is meant to be food for thought and an adjunct to a person’s own good judgement.

For some it is entertainment and I am OK with that. Sometimes it IS entertaining, but I take what I do seriously at the same time. I do have a psychic / intuitive gift that I have to use responsibly and also a strong ability to empathise and understand which the work itself has strengthened. Communication skills and a sense of humor help too. Apart from that I do not see myself as being that much different from most people and don’t purport to be, (other than the quirks everyone does have and I must admit I have a few).

I don’t read for people under 18. I also will decline a reading if I feel the person is not in a responsible state to receive what I offer objectively. To me reading is a form of perception that should be received with an open mind even a bit of friendly skepticism, blind faith is as bad as, if not worse than, vehement cynicism.

In the cases of people going through major issues or crisis (i.e. abusive relationships, psychological problems, loss or trauma, addiction issues) I may spend some of the time suggesting a referral to an appropriate resource. Sometimes in these instances I will say that it might not be the time for a reading, depending on the circumstances. I reserve the right to refuse service if I don’t feel it is an appropriate situation.

I am not qualified to diagnose health issues and have not tried to develop my perception along those lines. I refer that to a person’s doctor or an appropriate practitioner. I will discuss well being and the messages a person may be getting from their body.

I can get very strong impressions about people in the person’s life or that may be coming into the picture, but I cant, for instance, give someone information on an ex they broke up with two years ago if that person is not relevant to their life anymore.

I don’t classify myself as a medium. I have had some senses about people who have passed on but more often in terms of what the living carry from that connection. I do sometimes sense presences or trace energies in environments or around people and I have had some very strong personal experiences (and also people close to me have), but I work cautiously in this on professional ground as it is not what I see as my specialization (at least at this time).

Reading is an on-going learning experience. I have to approach each day and each client with a willingness to learn in the doing. Most of the time I love my job.


Psychic readings can be many things to many people. We all have our own gifts and our own unique expression.  I offer what I do as an art form of inspiring entertainment. Readings cannot take the place of your own judgement.

I am not an authority on medical, legal, psychological or financial matters. Concerns in these areas should be directed to appropriate resources. You are ultimately responsible for your life and decisions. You must be 18 years of age to have a reading. I reserve the right to refuse service if I feel this to be an unsafe or unsuitable resource.

As a form of art, my kind of reading should be something that speaks to you, providing relevant information that encourages and inspires. As a story teller I share experience and as a perceptive intuitive psychic I hope I can be of service.