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Trevor, Psychic Intuitive. In professional service since 1982

I am a professional psychic intuitive Tarot reader, available for in person appointments in Winnipeg, Manitoba or online.


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  • Book A Reading: Information here about how to book appointments for in person or online readings over Zoom.
  • About My Work: My history as a Psychic/Intuitive Tarot reader, professional background and approach.

To arrange a reading please call (204)504-9575

Please note: My number does not receive texts. Booking requires some discussion to find a time that’s right for you and to ensure I am the kind of reader you are looking for.

Email include your phone number and I will call you!

My Reading Studio Location

Exterior of Stafford St. Entrance, I am on the second floor, directly above These Four Walls and across the street from The Grove Pub and Restaurant

For in person reading appointments with Trevor Psychic Intuitive at:  216-165 Stafford St. (at Grosvenor Ave.) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3m-2W9

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Offering “Food For Thought” 

Psychic readings can be many things to many people. We all have our own gifts and our own unique expression.  I offer what I do as an art form of inspiring entertainment. Readings cannot take the place of your own judgement.

I am not an authority on medical, legal, psychological or financial matters. Concerns in these areas should be directed to appropriate resources. You are ultimately responsible for your life and decisions. You must be 18 years of age to have a reading.

As a form of art, my kind of reading should be something that speaks to you, providing relevant information that encourages and inspires. As a story teller I share experience and as a perceptive intuitive psychic I look forward to being of service. 

Thank you for visiting Trevor Psychic / Intuitive