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Found Playing cards, Ace of Diamonds, 6 of SpadesIt’s a curious thing, and it has happened to me a number of times. Walking down the street and coming upon a playing card (or cards). It generally is more frequent in summer. What would be the reason for a playing card to be laying on the sidewalk? One explanation is the old trick of kids sticking them in the spokes of their bikes (it makes a vroom vroom sound the faster you go). But I doubt there’s that many people playing crazy eights while they go for a walk. So I have come to regard “findings” as little signals. Opportunities to be woken up by life.

This has happened often enough to me that I have made a little game of it and some friends have too. Sometimes the instances of coming upon the card are also intriguing. On one occasion a friend and I were taking her nephew for a walk during a very trying time in her family. He was about 3 or so and at one point we had to stop and tie his shoe, I noticed under his foot was an Ace of Diamonds card. He has since proved himself to be an exceptional kid. I have had friends who have related that they’ve been out walking their dogs and come across playing cards too, often at a point where life has needed a little signal of some kind. I have my own hunches on how to interpret these things – I wouldn’t call it a superstition, more just a kind of “food for thought” sort of thing.

I take notice of where the card is and especially whether it is face up or face down. A face up card is like a road sign (like trouble on the path of life, rest stop coming up, or romance ahead). A face down card is more a choice, you turn it over and your stuck with the lesson. You could turn it back over and leave it for someone else or you could rip it up into little pieces, or (and this is what I do) put it in your pocket and let it be a lesson card. This is especially nice when it’s something positive, but difficult cards have their value too. I have a little box on a side table in my home, sort of a mindfulness table. It’s where I put things I find, like marbles or rocks from the beach. I place the playing card there with these things and it serves as a little post it note to my consciousness.


A significant “finding” occurred for a friend of mine the other day. Dodie is a very community minded person, very active in her neighborhood and with some groups working hard to bring an area that’s seen difficulty back to vibrancy. There’s been some crime and some absentee landlords and such but many people are putting down roots, reaching out and doing good things. Recently Dodie was out walking her dog Oban (who is a very wise old soul himself, known to rescue kittens but that’s another story). I should mention here that Winnipeg has had a LOT of snow lately (it’s over 3 feet deep in my yard). Dodie has been noticing found playing cards in the last few years too and this particular day she came upon the six of spades. The odd thing (and I have never known this to happen before), It was standing up in the snow!

Now many people have many interpretations to cards, my own are definitely biased to the translation to Tarot. In the Tarot system this card relates to the Six of Swords. I also see a relationship of the sixes to the guardian role of the knights. All of the sixes in the Rider Tarot have a kind of guardian figure that is helping a process, directing a force of energy or working through currents to improve a pattern. The Six of Swords particularly is often guidance through grief or conflict, protecting others in times of trouble. So the card standing upright, like a little sentinel and being found by Dodie who is very much the kind of guide mentioned, is kind of neat.

I’d love to hear other people’s experiences along these lines, post a comment if you have any “finding” stories!

NOTE: This has been an extremely popular post over the years and I enjoy hearing people’s experiences with this quirky little phenomenon, howeverI cannot offer interpretation of what the cards mean in these instances. It is outside of a reading and my area of work is with Tarot. You can relate the systems of playing cards to Tarot – they are related – but even the interpretations I have offered in other articles are outside of a reading and many of these articles and videos are just random thoughts and entertaining “food for thought”, not meant in any way to be either definitive interpretations of the cards themselves nor the greater stretch of what finding a card could mean for you.

There is a great deal of good free resource on and other websites that can give a lot more detailed information than what I have freely offered through this page.

If you wish to look comparatively at playing cards to Tarot, the usual associations are Wands = Clubs, Cups = Hearts, Swords = Spades and Pentacles = Diamonds.
UPDATE: I’ve been sent a link to a Facebook page devoted to the phenomena of finding playing cards, I’m quite happy to share that:

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    I found a playing card outside of my house door, I went out for maybe half an hour the card wasn’t there when I left or I would have noticed it, when I returned home it was on the doorstep face up, side note my deeply loved and extremely involved with everything In my life and I took her everywhere with me dog died 3 days ago tonight..maybe at the same time even…I feel such an emptyness to my life where she always did so many things constantly letting me know she was there with me…all attention was hers and she was such a good dog…when she would sleep she left hers eyse open but closed her 3rd eyelid only and so people would call her my hellhound as she looked to have blood red eyes…the card I found was a pokemon card called Hounddoom Spirit Link number 142/162 on the back side it seems to have been dipped into white out enough to cover the blue border on an angle to nothing by the time it hits the center of the pokemon logo side but yet none of that is on the side with the actual character. It also has a crease on an angle from a dead pen no ink was left on the card and it start from the center going to either end but it’s 2 lines that don’t touch the come close to meeting but there is an obvious round part of the ball pen in the center for each line leaving the center of the card I can send you the pictures at your request…if you could give me your best ideas because this is quite obviously deliberately sent by the spirit world as the place I’m staying at no one I know knows where I am.

    1. Hi thanks for sharing your experience. Although I cannot offer definite interpretations (especially with something that is neither a playing card or a Tarot card) I’d say what is important is what it means to you. I think you have your own instinct about it and that’s to be respected. I believe the things we love are always a part of us, that part of you is what caused you to see the card and honour the memory of your dog, that’s just my thought on it. Thanks again for sharing!
      – Trev.

      1. Hey Trev,
        My sister found an Ace of Spades tucked in her couch in her bedroom (face down). She is worried that it is a bad omen and we are wondering what how to interpret it and dispose of it?

        1. Hi, as I’ve mentioned a number of times here, I cannot offer definite interpretations in these situations, but relating the Ace of Spades to Tarot it is the Ace of Swords, I’d take it as a sign of protection, setting boundaries and clearing conflict. It can be a symbol of victory or good definite decision making! It could be a very positive sign. Aces can be a reminder of our own power and the responsibility we have to that. If the card disturbs her, I’d say you could dispose of it however you feel comfortable, perhaps with a little prayer (depending on your faith path). As Swords or spades relate to the element of air you could release it into that element by tearing it or cutting it into small pieces, go outside and let the wind carry it away. Personally I’d keep it, maybe as a book mark or a protection symbol, Or you could pass it along by leaving out for someone else to find. Just suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey a few days ago I was walking on the side of the road and I seen a playing card in the grass facedown so I picked it up turned it over and it was a king of clubs but Half of it was like torn off I showed my husband and he grabbed it and threw it and I was making a big deal about him doing that because I told him I wanted to keep it so he turned around and walked back looking for it and found it and handed it back to me

  3. today I found a Queen of Hearts on my walk to work. I have a strong connection with crows and had just had my morning chat with two- asking them what’s coming for me. One block further I found the card.

    1. Fascinating. I try to pay attention to crows and other messengers. The Queen of hearts could be their way of reflecting your open heart. However it inspires you.
      Thank you for sharing.

  4. This evening, after witnessing a full lunar eclipse from a local playing field, I found 1 face up joker and 2 face down jokers. I should also mention one was black and white, while the other two were coloured. Any interpretations?

    1. Hi Harry, thank you for sharing. As I mentioned in the article I can’t really give a definitive interpretation,just a little “food for thought” as I think this is fascinating! Jokers, like The Fool card in Tarot, can be about possibilities beyond what we have pictured. We get challenged to keep an open mind about life and ourselves. Some can see it as an opportunity to step out of our karmic patterns and to change our fortune or our fate – something I believe we can have the power to do, but this is an opportunity to see it! They are like “Wild” cards. To have found three at the timing you did may make this a memorable mile stone.

  5. After living in our home, built in 1906, for 10 years; and after three years of loss of family members, a house fire, a global pandemic and working with insurance , an architect and builder for the last 1.5 years, we FINALLY moved out this week and began demolition. There have been a lot of emotions, but mostly excitement. As my husband and and I were leaving the house tonight and packed up the last of our things, I walked into the empty living room where I found two joker cards, face side up, one red and the other blue, just sitting on the floor. Wondering what your thoughts are on this? I’m taking it as a sign that we’re closing one door and have a new adventure awaiting us.

    1. Amanda, I think your interpretation, as well as the story you’ve related, is inspiring and quite wonderful. I don’t try to offer a definitive interpretation, rather I like to encourage people to listen to their own instincts.
      Jokers are often a kind of free space, especially when we have completed life lessons and patterns. I would take this as a very encouraging sign that you are free to move on and to write a new chapter.
      Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I’m headed to casino, we stop at out usual so and refuel and potty break. I walk out and in front of truck is Ace diamond face up what does this mean?

    1. Hi as stated in the article “finding playing cards” I can’t offer a definite interpretation over a message. I hope your visit to the casino was fun. Ace of pentacles (the Tarot version) could be new opportunities. Big sorting out of finances and a new sense of getting on track. Sorry can’t offer more than that.

  7. Hi,

    Just a few weeks ago I was put walking our dog, when I found an eight of clubs on the ground. Not remembering if it faced up or down. I’ve never found a card before in my life… and just now, outside walking our dog again, I found an ace of made me happy at first until I googled it..😵‍💫
    Think it was faced up. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Julianne, sorry I havent replied sooner, I have been away. There are many interpretations of the cards and I dont try to offer predictions or interpretations outside of a reading. I also work with Tarot which is related to playing cards but it also has different association> Googling interpretations is a bit like looking up health issues online! this combination isnt negative but could be indicating changes of schedules. a big freeing up of energy. The fact you felt positive is important. You can use the Ace of Spades to weed out things that have been draining. It may be time to speak your truth in some areas. These are just possibilities and I can only offer suggestion. Thanks for sharing!

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