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Many readers work with different approaches, which I respect and honour. As an intuitive psychic, I am working mainly with a sense of connection to a person’s spirit (or energy). This is not invasive; it’s what comes to me when I open to it. I don’t generally ask questions before or during the reading. I like to know very little beforehand to avoid bias. This is in no way critical of how others work, just my own style and individual approach.

Readings generally begin with a brief moment of guided reflection. This gives me permission to be open intuitively and helps us settle into the process. I then offer an affirmation that the work is to the higher good of those in our lives, hearts and thoughts.

Before I turn the cards over (or open the layout) I give my intuitive impressions of your energy, character and the life lessons you may be moving through. This intuitive perception remains open throughout the session. This may cover subjects like relationships, career, family, personal growth, and impressions and descriptions I receive about key people or situations. I may use stories or examples from many sources to illustrate what I am getting or refer to different paths, elders and teachers that may be helpful.

The second stage of the reading is when we look at the cards. I give my interpretation of the Tarot layout for further guidance and the possibilities of the future.

The reading concludes with time for you to ask questions and some discussion.

As mentioned in the “Offering Food For Thought” statement on the home page, my form of reading is sharing perception and perspective. It is meant to be helpful to your own judgement.

You are welcome to record the reading (for personal/private use). Most people use a voice recording app on their phone or in online sessions with the device they are using (if it supports Zoom recording) or another method.


Regular 1/2 hour reading: $65* – This is my standard format and how I work most often.

Extended 45 minute reading: $90* – This format allows for some extra time around the latter stage  for questions and discussion and is offered in response to requests from those already familiar with my work.

*All prices are in Canadian Funds and include GST

Due to present Provincial restrictions, all in-person appointments are temporarily suspended.

Feel free to join the call back list for when restrictions lift through the contact forms on this page and I will call you when these appointments become available. 

I am presently continuing with the option of online readings over Zoom and these will continue to be available along with in person appointments.

In-person appointments are offered through my private, comfortable reading studio located at 216-165 Stafford St. (at Grosvenor Ave.) in the lovely and historic Crescentwood area of Winnipeg.

Regular 1/2 hour reading: $65 (including GST)– This is my standard format and how I work most often.

FOR IN PERSON SESSIONS I accept cash or payment with the Square touchless tap pay system that will accept most debit/credit cards and Apple Pay.

Note the following: Please read the “Offering Food For Thought” statement as I strive to ensure I am the sort of resource you are seeking.
  1. Everyone attending the session must be at least 18. Children are not allowed.
  2. Appointment times are firm. Please allow some notice if you need to make a change to your appointment time.
  3. You may record your reading session (for personal use only). Please be familiar with how your device has to function beforehand. I cannot be responsible for recording issues.

Group or couple readings

Reading for close friends, couples and families* is a Winnipeg tradition. Whether you choose to  have a friend come along to listen to the reading or both have consecutive appointments together; I enjoy seeing how you have things in common or may be working on similar life lessons.

Although present restrictions do not allow in-person readings, or in the case of social distancing only a maximum of two people and myself can be in the  reading studio,  I can still accommodate a group (up to four people) over Zoom. If you are a “bubble” choosing to be onscreen one at a time or in different locations, each in your own zoom window, a group reading is a great way to connect!

*Please note everyone present in the reading room or online must be 18 or older.

Online appointments over Zoom are very similar in format to my in person sessions and are pre-billed through my business’s PayPal, – You dont need to have a PayPal account, it generally accepts most debit/credit cards through a secure transaction.

Upon booking I will send you a Zoom invitation. You will also receive by email a photograph of your own individual Tarot layout prior to the reading time, We are also able to screen-share this during your reading.

You are welcome to record your reading (for personal use) either over Zoom (if your device supports that) or through a device of your own. Recording is your own choice and responsibility.

You can also arrange a reading as a gift. Upon the recipient booking the session, I can send the invoice for payment to you!

Regular 1/2 hour reading: $65 (including GST)– This is my standard format and how I work most often.


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165 Stafford St #216,
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(204) 504-9575

Please note: My number does not receive texts. Booking requires some discussion to find a time that’s right for you and to ensure I am the kind of reader you are looking for.

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Please note: My number does not receive texts. Booking requires some discussion to find a time that’s right for you and to ensure I am the kind of reader you are looking for.

165 Stafford St #216,
Winnipeg, MB R3M 2W9