Please note if you get a friend or message request on Facebook (or through other media) from someone using my picture and variations of my business name – Do NOT accept it!

These are fraudulent personal profiles or page accounts that copy businesses (or individuals) public posts and are trying to get you to join to look legitimate and often then want you to register for things like “free readings” or other offers. They then ask for your credit card or other information.
Please report then block and delete it. Also please warn others you know if you see them as mutual connections.

This has been reported and is now on file with law enforcement as well as www.antifraudcentre.ca

This is unfortunately going on for a number of individuals as well as businesses (and has happened to some of my colleagues lately too).

Know this:

  1. I never message out from my business Page on Facebook (you wont get message requests or friend requests from me). I also don’t generally tag people in posts, unless the post is about a person/page and is intentionally linking to them (mass tagging of a number of people is a sure sign of a scam).
  2. I never ask for credit card information, my billing is done through secure transactions over secure platforms ensuring your security and privacy.
  3. Any offers or promotions would be through social media linking to my website (here).
  4. . This is another reason I prefer contact by phone or email with a follow up call. You know you are dealing directly with my business.

You can also report online fraud in Canada by calling the Canadian Government’s anti fraud centre at 1-888-495-8501 or by visiting www.antifraudcentre.ca, if you have given the false profile information like your credit card (which I will not ask for directly) cancel the transaction and contact your financial institution and (if need be) law enforcement immediately.

Thank you ALL for your responses on this. Crazy times out there, but the love and loyalty of you my friends is heartening!

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